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I decided to move to a private website and blog format to get out of the Social media treadmill.

For now I want to share things with my friends and family, without opening them or me up to the issues around sharing your personal information on the large social media sites. This is how I decided to try it out.

I am not interested in drama and rants, so please just leave if you don’t like what I am publishing . I don’t need to know you are upset. Lots of places you can go on the web to participate in as much drama and excitement as you want.

I am still going to use the free social media sites to link them to my blog site.

Here is why. I think it is fair to use them for free to off set the value they are getting by using my data for free.

I know it isn’t the most logical reason and understand there are some of the flaws in my plan.


Talking about life and family


Not a complete how to site. Just things that make me grin or think.


This is about things I want to share or ask about around Jesus.

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