Little girls can be real tough on their younger brothers

My gal and I got a chance to watch our 2 grandkids and 2 extra ones. We did this so the parents could go out for dinner and enjoy some adult conversations.

We had two 3 year boys and two 5 year old girls, who are great friends most of the time. The house was set up so the boys would sleep on one room and the girls in another bedroom, and old grand dad in the last bedroom while grandma when home to let the dog outside after the kids were in bed. It was a great plan to start off the night.

What could go wrong. Two experienced adults should be able to easily handle 4 little kids. Especially when 2 of them are our own little angels.

Turns out that little kids end up running, jumping, and get a lot of bumps and bruises. No blood, just a lot of tears and stories about who pushed or whatever the other. It was fun to watch and referee the play or could be seen as battles. grin.

The boys definitely knew the buttons to push to get under their sisters skin, while the sisters were just as willing to give their little brothers direction and advice about what they should start or stop doing. Very loud and rambunctious. It made me happy to watch them.

I didn’t need to put anyone into timeout but it was close a few times. I was curious to see how far it would go before the girls got the upper hand because of their age and experience.

As a side note, I did notice that the last time Cora spent time at our home, she did put her brother into timeout a couple times. I wasn’t sure what was going on at first because she was doing it in German, which is how her parents handle timeouts. I jumped in once I knew what was going on, and rescued Luke from timeout, and told Cora that only parents and grandparents can put kids into time out. It was pretty good thinking on Cora’s part, on a intellectual level. Not so good for a 5 year old to do to her brother. So, I pulled the plug on that procedure.

I got boys ready, into bed and then told the boys my version of the 3 little pigs. It involves a lot of howling wolves, big teeth and claws. Very exciting for Luke since he was used to me and my stories. He likes them exciting and knows they always end well. He knows he will get a version where the pigs are saved and the wolf killed and eaten by the pigs. About 1/2 way through the story I noticed the other boy had a look of terror on his face and was not very happy about my version. Opps!! I modified the story so that the howling was reduced, no more teeth or claws, and everyone ended up safe and sound. Even the wolf. Old Luke wasn’t having any of the new milder version. He wanted to have the pigs kill and eat the wolf and kept asking why the pigs didn’t cook the wolf. I could not get him off it, and wanted the other little boy to be able to sleep. I told Luke, we need to think about Santa Claus and Christmas presents and nice things. Luke says, ” Ok, I want Santa to bring me a present of a big bad wolf with big teeth and claws”. I said “Nope, Luke you need to change the subject and think about happy things.”. He just pivoted and wanted to know if the big bad wolves would eat Santa’s reindeer. Grin. You have to admire his ability to focus and stay on task.

I got the boys down and pretty well settled and ready to sleep. The girls came upstairs to brush their teeth and noticed that the the one boy was on a mattress by the closet. Cora and her friend were talking loudly and discussing the boys and how little they were and how they were afraid of things, and not brave like girls. Cora announced that she didn’t know why her Grand dad put the one boy on a mattress right by the closet with monster in it!! Yikes!! I jumped into the bathroom and said to stop talking about things that would scare the boys. Cora just looked me in the eye and said, “Grand dad you know there really is a monster that lives in that one closet”. I said ” I don’t believe in monsters and there isn’t even a closet in the room with the boys. ” She wanted to argue but I got her to shut up and let it go. It took a while but finally got the girls ready for bed and to stop talking.

The two boys were not real happy about the possibility there could be a monster in their room, so I laid down with them to make sure they were safe, and soon both were asleep. I left the lights on and creeped out the room. Staying on the room to keep the boys safe for me was a really nice thing that a grand dad gets to do once in while, and I liked it a lot.

It ended well and the parents came back rested, happy and glad to have gotten a few hours of adult conversation.

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