Get to vote in my first S.C. Democrat Primary in the morning.

Today’s featured photo, sums up my thoughts about all politicians. I believe it is true no matter which party or affiliation.

Yes, this is the first year living in South Carolina that I will go to the Democrat primary. Very exciting, to share about being a “Bernie Bro” for the day.

I called my dad this morning and said that I am going to do something I bet he never got to do in his whole life. He asked me, “what are you talking about”. I told him, I get to vote for a Communist.

He says, “what did you say.” grin. He doesn’t always wear his hearing aids or didn’t want to understand.

Since he didn’t have his hearing aids in, and it took a while of repeating my words, as I explained that we have our presidential primary tomorrow and I will be voting for Bernie Sanders. Yahoo. He asks again about 4 times, “what did you say again”. I explained it again until he finally understood, and said quite strongly, to “just leave that man alone, and have nothing to do with him”. I said, tomorrow I am going to be a “Bernie Bro”. Not sure but I would not be surprised to find out my dad is on the phone with his attorney to get his will changed.

It is a lot of fun to talk with my dad about politics. He is quite conservative and I am a libertarian who is very fiscally conservative and want a lot less government. However, since I retired I am now a strong supporter of Medicare and Social Security programs. Those programs are not something a good Libertarian would support. Funny how my opinion changed now that I am on the government dole, I needed to adjust my position a little to be able to sleep at night. It is just like I thought. If you pay people for something, you get more of it. Works that way at the store, at work, for welfare, free whatever and now Social Security. I want want a raise this year and Bernie said he will take the money from the rich and give it away to someone else. I am making sure Bernie knows I have my hand out.

Same plan works with my grandkids. Give them candy or treats and they will be very willing to do what I asked them. I explain to them, they get free candy if you give up some freedom and do what I want right now. They are happy to do that for a while. It only is a problem when I run out of candy, and I need to take one kids candy to away to give to the other kid. You can imagine the screams about fairness. As long as grandma has plenty of candy in the bowl, we get along just fine. (Note to self: We need to make sure grandma never runs out of candy). Another issue comes up when they want sweeter/better candy and I am down to the ones with crackers, trail mix or peanuts. No problem for me, I just promise more and better candy tomorrow, if they do what I want today. Even better if I promise to give them some of their parents candy, since they are not there. I will eventually need to show up with some better candy, or take some from their parents, however in the meantime I make promises about imaginary candy.

My dog is very similar, if I get her treats, she is engaged and works for me. If I run out of treats, she is bored and wanders off. My dog is smarter than people because she doesn’t believe in imaginary treats.

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